On-Site Coaching

Coaching is an art form

What matters most when it comes to physical coaching is the relationship the coach has with his athlete. A holistic understanding of one another will yield the best results. It’s one thing to have all the foremost scientific principles under your belt  but what use is that if you cannot translate that across to the people you are working with? On the flip-side, you may think its great that your coach takes interest in your life and they listen to your tales of woe, but leave that to friends. The best coach is someone who understands all important factors included in training and beyond. Someone who can identify and annihilate weaknesses you didn’t even know you had. And someone who can do all of this, in a thriving environment for the athlete.

What can you expect?

You can expect to;

have expert guidance and structures in place to ensure the best chance of progression

Technical corrections down to the finest detail

Flexible scheduling of sessions

Cultivating successful and meaningful habits that last a lifetime

Rehab and prevent old injuries returning as well as keeping away new ones

So whats different to hiring a normal trainer?

First and foremost, the athletes needs come first. Nothing is worse than training someone the way you were trained - it doesn’t work like that. Initial and continual assessments lead to a development that is unmatched by guesswork.

Creating an enjoyable and lasting environment for the athlete to develop in is an essential skill of any decent coach. A wealth of experience after coaching hundreds of people allows for the development to be wholly specific to you.

All of this in the heart of the West Midlands, at a state of the art S&C facility, Black Country Barbell.

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