Functional Training Solutions

Achieve competency and resiliency

We want to keep you in the iron game for as long as possible. We settle for nothing less than the best in our approach to athlete centred coaching and want to share that with you. We have a range of training options for you to choose from, depending on your objectives. Please reach out to us if you have any queries.

Monthly Coaching

The Crusader Project // A strength and conditioning based structure, designed to increase your strength, work capacity, bodyweight mastery and general physical preparedness

The Crusader Power Build // A powerlifting structure designed to have you platform ready and more resilient than ever with carefully selected protocols

The Crusader Body Sculpt // A strength and physique biased structure designed to build a strong, athletic and functional physique

Individual Design

Remote coaching // A meaningful 1:1 approach to coaching designed to tailor a wholly specific programme to your objectives. 100% accountability and coach interactions on our Fitbot platform and constant input to keep you on track to your specific goals. Perfect for athletes of any ability wanting to progress

On-site coaching // Physical coaching to those that want to become a better human. Based out of a state of the art strength and conditioning facility (Black Country Barbell) located in the heart of the West Midlands, UK

The Radical Strength Alliance

Launching in August 2018, a radical approach to gaining strength over an intensive 12-week block, with exciting collaborations with the best in the industry



Strength Cycles

12 week weightlifting cycle // 12 weeks to ensure PBs in snatch and clean and jerk. 3 blocks designed to build you strength and competency to bust your current PBs

// A series of stand alone programmes that are easy to follow and give you structure and guidance in your sessions; 

  • 12-wk General strength & hypertrophy
  • 8-wk Squat and leg strength
  • 6-wk Pull up cycle
  • 6-wk Female specific strength


Want a different coaching solution? Get in touch to see what we can do for you. It's what we do!