The Radical Strength Alliance

The Background

Functional bodybuilding meets absolute strength - a match made in heaven. The Radical Strength Alliance was formed by Jacob James, director of Crusader Strength. It is an amalgamation of the best minds and practitioners in the industry with one goal in mind - delivering unparalleled service and only the best results.

The Clue Is In The Name

We are providing a radical approach to training, aligning the best coaches in the industry to bring you The Radical Strength Alliance.

Jacob James

Director of Crusader Strength: Building resiliency and function within athletes and general population. Jacob aims to perfectly match scientific approaches and coaching in a user-friendly, effective way. Jacob is the lead of the alliance, working alongside the best in the business


Dr Joel Seedman

Director of Advanced Human Performance: At the utmost forefront of functional bodybuilding with an impressive resume working with amateur and elite athletes, Joel has a keen eye for muscle function boasting an impressive PhD in kinesiology to boot. Joel is co-author of the programme, adding invaluable depth and validity to the principles of training. Find out more about Joel here.

Dr Emilia Thompson

University lecturer, bikini competitor and a PhD qualified nutrition consultant: In an industry plagued but false propaganda, it’s not very often you come across a true, holistic, evidence based practitioner like Emilia. Emilia will lead the nutrition consultancy component of TRSA and you can bet your bottom dollar that you are in the best hands in the industry. Find out more about Emilia here.

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We as the alliance are dedicated to your success. Closely working together to deliver a complete package that will revolutionise the way we think about training.

Complexity Simplified

Functional Bodybuilding has been a buzzword in fitness in recent years. With good reason too, its a stylistic type of training designed to keep you and your athletes functioning at capacities you previously thought were impossible. Somewhere in the translation of functional bodybuilding, the need for specialist movements, outlandish patterns and unusual loading has opened coaches up to a whole host creative potentials. Simplicity is key, lets bring it back to earth with an impactful bang.

We have taken a complex understanding of functional bodybuilding and delivered it in a raw, easily actionable system of training to deliver you the best results!

Once you embark on your first 12-week journey with us, you will have a deep and meaningful understanding of our underlying philosophies when it comes to training in a wholistic, well-rounded manner. You wont look back.

What's in it for you?

12 Weeks of daily progressive coaching written by Jacob James & Dr Joel Seedman

5 Days per week with optional extra workouts

Daily coaching, accountability and guidance

Warm ups/ Ramps/ Body preparedness protocols to ensure correct movement, recovery and injury prevention

Exclusive offer for nutrition consultancy with Dr Emilia Thompson

The Vision - A Synergy of Absolute Strength & Functional Bodybuilding

Absolute strength control all strength gains, period. Functional bodybuilding creates an unmatched stimulus of body control, awareness and a wholistic style of progression. The synergy and marriage of the two is what the industry is missing, and we are aiming to fill that void. This art form is outlined further below.

Heisenberg versus Local street dealer

If you had the choice of either working with a local, street corner, low-level dealer versus working right under the guidance of Walter White, who would you pick? (assuming you get the references here!)

The point being that settling for anything less than the best, simply will not do. This is reflected in our unique approaches to programming movements and creating a whole host of potent stimuli specifically geared towards obtaining the best possible results. We assess, no guesswork. A careful blend of percentage work, perceived effort are used to guide the athlete towards their intended goal.

Masterful Programming & the art of movement

Creating an environment in which the athlete thrives day in day out is something of a skill. Behind the brains of TRSA, we approached this in a manner in which survival of the training is merely scratching the surface. We delve much deeper and have taken every step necessary to ensure that the athlete excels, so long as the effort is put in, which of course it will.