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The Crusader Body Sculpt

We are here to craft a physique that is athletic, sculpted and above all else functions like a well-oiled machine.

Want to experience a whole-body transformation that you thought wasn’t possible? The Crusader Body Sculpt is a monthly rolling programme designed with a strength and physique bias geared towards building you a strong, athletic and functional physique. Bring your body and your health up to scratch without the wear and tear of standard body-building style training. In this game, gone are the days of “bro-splits” and now its time to take your training to the next level with carefully selected exercise protocols, proven to be a potent stimulus. Learn and embrace correct movements that will allow yourself and your clients to experience effective protocols, safety, and mind-blowing progression.

Why current training methods aren’t up to scratch?

In order for a true representation of a dominant physique, there needs to be some hustle behind that muscle. No display models here. Pure, athletic, strong and functional physiques are the intended goal.

You’ve been hitting the gym and splitting your sessions in body parts, great. However, a wholesome approach to training will revolutionise the way you walk in and out the gym. Segmented training will only yield segmented results.

Training for performance over physical attributes will lead to a mindful shift in how you approach training. Let us get you firing on all cylinders and allow you to far surpass what you thought possible.

Heres what you should do. Adopt a productive mindset that is going to allow you to continue your training and most importantly, keep progressing. Train smart, not (necessarily) harder.

It’s time to adopt structure and an athlete-centered programme to re-energise your training arsenal. Whether you’re an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or just someone who takes their training seriously, we want to make a difference for you.

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Remembering why you started

At some point, there was a conscious decision to make a change. The decision was big enough for you to start prioritising your health and fitness. Along the way, it's easy to lose sight of this and get your mind wrapped up in other peoples progress and to start comparing. Remember, its pointless comparing your chapter 4 to someone else chapter 30. Get back on your own path and focus.

The reason you took onto this path lies with a much more personal meaning. So lets get it back! Feel animated again at the prospect of training and doing what you enjoy. Thats where we come in. Not only are we offering the structure and guidance required, but we want to empower the athlete and educate. If you find yourself looking at a particular exercise selection and thinking “Why?” - fantastic! We want you to be critical, and our aim is to provide all the information necessary to answer these queries and develop you as a whole.

The craftsmanship of programming - half the battle.

A mediocre programme followed with 100% effort will always yield better results than the best programme followed with 50% effort.

Programming is an entity in itself. It’s an art form of assessing, creating and building the perfect training environment for the participant. A quick google search or scroll through instagram and you’ll quickly see sleazy sales pitches of complete guesswork that are labelled as fitness plans/guides/programmes etc. All too common now on social media are people posting photos of their own backside to clickbait people into buying their products. More often than not, these “Fitspos” don’t have the depth of coaching, the athlete relations or the hundreds of hours of solid research into the highly convoluted topic that is fitness. Look past the four walls of Instagram.

We at Crusader Strength are humbly proud of our experiences. We have coached hundreds of athletes coached worldwide over a 6 year period, ranging from World Champions to people with full knee reconstructions and everyone in between. We take pride in the fact that only the best will do. Instead of seeking bog standard qualifications to use sleazy sales pitches of phoney work, we sought out a much more thorough approach; degrees in Physical Education & Sports Coaching science, UKSCA accreditation (Currently working towards), and not to forget the countless hours of physical coaching and remote coaching worldwide.

Therefore, trusting the process that you are on is of the highest importance and again, comes back to the athlete-centred approach we beckon at Crusader Strength. 

Having the coaching is only half the battle. Putting in the effort is where the real progress happens, clearly. With the combination of communicative coaching and a solid work ethic, you will attain the highest level of return from your efforts.

You will experience:

You will experience the full effect of having a coach stood by your side, without paying the hefty price tag that comes along with that. That’s the beauty of it. Just because it is labelled as remote coaching doesn’t detract from the fact that our athletes come first, period. Access to our extensive knowledge and movement library and our undivided support is the key to seeing you achieve the desired outcome.

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What's in it for you?

Cost effective strength and phyqisue training

Time effective - perfect for those on a busy schedule who want to work the entire body

Progressional overload to keep you advancing

Results driven - delivered through professional and skilful coaching

NO contracts - easy setup in just a few clicks

Setup in just a few clicks - It's that easy

Cancel whenever - No notice needed, no questions asked

Here’s what it looks like:

Monthly progressive programming via Fitbot (up to 4x per week)

Whole body training with rotations of emphasis on highlighted body parts

A blend of training modalities to keep progressions through the roof

Crusader Strength coaching via Fitbot including video analysis/ written feedback

Warm ups/ Ramps/ Body preparedness protocols to ensure correct movement, recovery and injury prevention

Comprehensive video library of movements used

If you don’t have 5 days a week to allocate to this programme (We are fully aware a lot of people only train 3 days per week), its in our best advice to recommend not ‘catching up’ on missed days. Have a look at the week ahead, pick your three training days and rotate throughout the program.

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