Individual Remote Coaching

If you feel like your training has stagnated or if you have had a complete loss in emotion for wanting to push further, then remote coaching with 1:1 support may be the missing link you have been looking for.

What you can expect;

An engaging and fully supportive coach specifically for you and your objectives

A dedicated, carefully crafted programme designed solely for and around you

An easy to use, interactive software that allows for easy communication

Monthly re-assessments and alterations to ensure the objectives are fully on course

Structure and guidance, every time you hit the gym

Guidance and support outside of the gym

To gain knowledge and competency with what you are doing

Individual On-Site Coaching

Physical coaching to those that want to become a better human. Based out of a state of the art strength and conditioning facility (Black Country Barbell) located in the heart of the West Midlands, UK.

You can expect to;

Have expert guidance and structures in place to ensure the best chance of progression

Technical corrections down to the finest detail

Flexible scheduling of sessions

Cultivating successful and meaningful habits that last a life time

Rehab and prevent old injuries returning as well as keeping away knew ones

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