Functional Bodybuilding

Functional Bodybuilding

What is Functional Bodybuilding?

Functional Bodybuilding is a training system created by Opex Head Coach Mike Lee when he introduced the model as a rehabilitation tool for one of his Crossfit Competitive athletes.  In essence Functional Bodybuilding is what is says, bringing together the ideas of functional training (the training of movements that are linked to everyday activity or sport specificities) and bodybuilding.  This could be seen as an odd combination giving that the majority of people see bodybuilding as large muscled individuals with inability to move.  However combining the science and practical elements behind the two, helps create a significant tool for decreasing pain, improving energy, sport performance and of course looking good.

Bodybuilding in its original form is about defining each muscle and making it visually appealing to the naked eye.  It’s all about muscle size and minimal body fat, bodybuilder’s main focus is on how they look.  They’re not interested in flexibility, endurance or athletic factor, as along they can walk to the gym and walk to the stage they are happy (Which is fine if that’s what you’re into!).  We need to dismiss this vision when talking about functional bodybuilding.

As the methodology behind Functional Bodybuilding is based basic movement patterns, using various loads and prioritising the quality of the movement over intensity.  This goes towards developing a foundation of strength, and should therefore shoulder form the base to achieving you’re fitness goal.  Functional bodybuilding harmoniously addresses the areas of speed, balance, mobility, gymnastics, agility and coordination by combining 6 key fitness principles and methodologies.

Principles behind Functional Bodybuilding

Resistance Training: Exercises which you use load or weight to gain muscle mass and develop strength

Bodybuilding: Focusing training on muscle hypertrophy using high-rep ranges with less intensity or lower rep and higher intensity 

Mixed modality functional Training: Involves building the body’s aerobic capacity, strength, bodyweight skills, power development, mixed modality training, bodyweight endurance varying rep range and intensities.

Mind-Muscle Connection: process of teaching athletes to send correct messages or stimulus to their brain in response to healing incorrect movements.

Changing the Stimulus: Refers to adjustments made to reps, sets, rest or time under tension.

Muscle Endurance: Exercise involving a high number of muscle contractions. Develops muscle patterns of motor control and efficient movement

Benefits of Functional Bodybuilding

Functional Bodybuilding gives athletes and non- athletes the tools for a long term approach to their training. A balanced approach to training offers a variety and therefore continuous excitement, stopping that boredom from creeping in. With the focus being so high on nurturing good movement, this will lead to increased sporting performance, improvements in all round daily activity and decreases the chances of injury.

With Functional Bodybuilding intensity is not the key success therefore won’t leave you feeling burnout or fatigued.  Building Functional Bodybuilding into your current training programme is an ideal way in helping your achieve your overall fitness goal.

However, like with most training methods and theories there is only one way to discover the true benefits and that’s to start incorporating this into your training.

So good Luck and keep me posted how you get on.

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