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Functional Training and building resiliency within athletes

We are here to educate, empower and ultimately develop you as an athlete. Our athlete-centred approach to coaching means that you can expect nothing but the highest standards we can offer.

We aim to provide athletes a wide array of functional bodybuilding & training solutions. Our philosophy of building resiliency and functional athletes stems from the industry that has always been plagued by a trade-off. A risk - reward environment. Take out the risk with carefully constructed and meticulously planned training, delivered straight to you.

The convenience of daily training at a glance:

Affordable training solutions - NO contracts

Setup in just a few clicks - It's that easy

Cancel whenever - No notice needed, no questions asked

All the benefits of having a coach, without the hefty price tag

Results driven - delivered through professional and skilful coaching

Easy tracking - monitor and track your results alongside your coach

Above and beyond "programming" - we are bringing coaching back

How you achieve your goals

Online coaching that works via affordable monthly subscriptions

No contracts/ no joining fees/ no fuss setup/ easy cancellation

24/7 video analysis and written feedback

A broad yet detailed range of coaching approaches

Definitive protocols that cover everything from body preparedness, main exercise selection and accessories, all with demonstrations and clear instruction

Full coaching support to your desired objectives and training styles (Individual design)

The coaching being put back into online coaching

Read more about our most popular training solutions below

CS 16 online

The Crusader Project

Rethink your training arsenal that’ll leave you empowered, stronger, fitter and more resilient as an athlete.

CS 9 online

The Crusader Power Build

It’s time to hit the platform stronger, healthier and more resilient than you have ever been before.


The Crusader Body Sculpt

We are here to craft a physique that is athletic, sculpted and above all else functions like a well-oiled machine.

What our clients have to say

Katha S

Jake has been a great coach to work with, would highly recommend him. I had private coaching with Jake which helped immensely for getting to grips with fundamental techniques, especially barbell work and Olympic weightlifting.

He helped me achieve my goal of making team GB dragonboat trials, and onto world championship selection with the help of a well designed strength and conditioning program

Charlene H

I started private coaching with Jake and following a programme. GAINS GALORE! Within a few weeks I was feeling stronger and more confident with complex Olympic lifts and that is down to Jake's patient and confident coaching. He really knows what he's doing and he makes you feel like you can do anything. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to increase their fitness levels, lose weight or progress from any level. Top coach, top trainer and all around top bloke

Matt L

 I was a complete novice and I found his training invaluable to get me where I am today. His complete understanding of my chosen sport and his approach to training is unquestionable. He is approachable and has varied and interesting techniques. I also find his programming challenging and enjoyable, always with adequate scaled options if the desired movement is unachievable. He is more a friend than a coach and I can't wait to see what the future holds under his guidance and friendship

Luke W

I have had remote coaching from Crusader Strength for a little over 4 months now and can honestly say it’s been the best investment into myself I could have made! Such a professional outfit that’s perfect for anyone living a busy lifestyle but still wants to peak their strength and fitness goals.

Molly K

Remote coaching for me was always a scary concept. Jake and Crusader Strength made sure that I was well looked after. After discussing goals and going through everything in detail - a plan was set in place and I would never look back on that decision. The unique approach and coach-athlete relationship that was built meant for a hugely successful training period leading me into my season stronger, more resilient and fitter than ever!

Helen R

I wanted to be a better cross fitter. It was plain and simple that my strength was holding me back. Ive dabbled with Smolov and 5/3/1 but the coaching received from Crusader Strength has been a game changer for me! Easy to follow, easy to track, great coaching and understanding. All of this with easy access to great software too (Fitbot). I am confident that my strength will not be my weakness anymore!